Why Wax?

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Society today dictates a lot about what should and shouldn’t be considered beautiful, based on a person’s physical appearance. A lot of people are often judged unfairly due to their unusual appearance – and this can often be cause for heartache due to bullying, poor self-esteem, et cetera. However, this is not always a choice.

As an example, there is the case of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A woman with PCOS can often exhibit physical signs of it – such as having excess hair. Having too much hair on your body – on your arms, legs, face, et cetera – can not only be a pain to deal with but also cause for harassment from the more unkind population of the human race. There will be people who find it unsightly and this can be cause for psychological trauma, leading to illnesses such as anxiety or depression.

It is important to find worth and love within yourself, outside the constructs of what society deems as acceptable, but there is also no shame in wanting to have some procedures done in order to feel good about yourself, for yourself. As is the case of women with PCOS, that can be treated via waxing. According to the website of Des Moines med spa, professional waxing entails for good quality wax to be applied to the covered area, pressing a piece of cloth or paper atop the surface, and then quickly removing the hair from the given area. When done by an expert, this can be done safely, quickly, and in an environment that can make you feel as comfortable as possible.

There is a certain freedom that comes when you take control of your life and everything that is yours – including your body. If you feel that having certain treatments will make you feel more confident with yourself and allow you to feel freer from burdens that you never chose in the first place, just remember that it is your life. You can live it however way you want – hairless or not!

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