The Emotional Effects of Divorce

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The Emotional Effects of Divorce

Divorce is a complicated legal process. The website of Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht says that you may have to make decisions concerning your finances, estates, assets, and relationship with your children. But one aspect of divorce is sometimes overlooked – its emotional effects on the parties involved.

It doesn’t matter if you are the husband or wife, or if you are the initiator of the divorce or not. Whoever you are, you are going to experience emotional and psychological difficulties upon divorce. Below are some of the most common responses to divorce:

  • Anger, especially if the reason for divorce involves domestic violence, infidelity, or failure to commit to responsibilities
  • Anxiety, arising from the uncertainty of the future of both yourself and your children
  • Guilt, arising from the creation of tainted relationships and broken families
  • Persistent sadness
  • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies, as a form of escape from emotional and psychological exhaustion
  • Worthlessness, arising from the thought that you cannot get stable relationships

These emotional responses may even come in stages. You may feel anger as an initial response to the divorce process or to the reason behind the divorce. You may start feeling anxious and guilty during the divorce process as you think of the consequences after the legal issues have been settled.

After the settlement, you may show signs of depression, such as persistent sadness and worthlessness, and you may start employing escapist behaviors, such as overeating, oversleeping, and suicide.

Of course, these emotional effects don’t just stay in the emotion aspect, as they may have physical effects on you too. Change in appetite may result to weight loss or weight gain, and on their worst, may even lead to anorexia, obesity, and diabetes. Change of sleeping patterns may result into fatigue and cardiovascular problems.

What is worse is the fact that these effects can be experienced not just by you and your ex-partner, but also your children. They are even more devastating if your children are minors, as they may affect their development.

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